Details on Mini Courses

Enrollment into each mini course will include...

  • Unlimited Member Access

    This means your entire team will have access to any and all of the mini courses!

  • Unique Problem Solving Solutions

    In true Spexy-style, we discuss issues in our opticals. Then create solutions that you can begin to implement in your office right away!

  • Practice Enhancers

    Downloadable tools your office can use to make changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Hiring in an Optical

Stop the revolving door of New Hires with this mini course.

You try and try. Then once again, you are short-staffed. Let’s change that narrative.

Frame Board Mastery

The next-level of inventory management.

Many opticals have data, yet have no idea the opportunities that data can bring if they tweaked how they used it!

Poor Fitting Lenses

Properly measured lenses are critical to the clarity of the glasses.

Yet patients are bombarded with more and more options to order lenses that are not giving them the clarity they deserve.

Your Optical Story

If you don't know it, you can't expect your patients to.

Stories create connections. This course will help you to find your optical's story.

Warranties Are Killing You

Don't let them bleed you dry.

Allowing warranties to go unmanaged is gouging your optical's profitability. This mini course will show your team the right way to handle warranties.

Overcoming Mediocre Madness!

Get your optical out of the mediocre rut by dialing in your business skills.

Kayla holds back nothing in this talk! She strolls right by the emotions, the gentle professionalism, and the egg-shell tip-toe business and says the things our independent opticals NEED TO HEAR.

Walking Rx Gloom

Fighting to keep your patients in this online world doesn't have to be so hard.

Online markets have created a dooms-day cloud in the minds of independent opticals. This lecture will address that fear head on.

Your Mini Course Instructor

Senior Business Consultant & Co-founder of Spexy Kayla Ashlee

Kayla has been known to shake things up. She teaches optical professionals how to transform the state of their mediocre optical to become and independent powerhouse that thrives on change. Whether in-person or in Spexy U, she makes optical adaptation simple! Read more about Kayla at in the "Beyond the Screen" tab.