"It has a 2 year unlimited warranty..."

Just keep shooting yourself in the foot!

We get it...you have got to compete somehow, right? WRONG! Start selling glasses for the sake of optics, not on the basis of warranties. This mini course will review similarities in successful warranty policies along with the warranty habits that will deteriorate the success of an optical. We will construct clear rules and habits for setting warranty guidelines in your optical going forward. In the end, you will be confident in honoring warranties the RIGHT way!

Course curriculum

    1. Earn your Certificate!

    2. The truth about warranties, they're not FREE!

    3. The cost of frame warranties

    4. The cost of lens warranties

    5. It adds up!

    6. Not to mention the cost of remakes

    1. Belief

    2. What if you warranted what you believe in?

    1. Just because the lab has a policy, doesn't mean you have to

    1. This is how to start

    2. Set a Procedure (details and cost)

    3. Set a Date

    4. Set a Guideline

    5. Give your team tools

    6. A good procedure creates accountability

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. What's next? Check this out...

    3. Before you go...

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