"We already pull a report to manage our frame ordering."

Yeah but here, we will show you how insightful your analytics can really be.

In Frame Board Mastery, we will show you the opportunities that your unique data can bring your team! In this mini course you will learn how to: Have the ability to quantify the performance of frame sales. Develop the knowledge to foresee and adapt to your optical’s unique sales trends. Figure out the importance of analytics in your optical decisions. And formulate a plan for your frame investment. Simply put, your practice will understand how to dramatically rethink your optical inventory plan!

Course curriculum

    1. Earn your Certificate!

    1. Importance of Frame Location

    2. A New Way to Think About Inventory

    3. Calculating Your Sales Data

    4. Comparing Your Analytics

    5. Making Educated Decisions with Your Data

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About this course

  • 8 lessons