"What are we even doing here?"

A good story will alway stick!

Stories create connections. We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget why we are even doing this. If you can create a connection with your patient, they will never leave. This mini course will help you to find your optical's story. We will work together to break down the vital concepts of creating good connections and give you the direction to be able to tell your story in an exciting way. And finally, what drives good connections home, is aligning everything you do with your story. Tell a story your patients will gravitate toward.

Course curriculum

    1. Nobody knows your mission statement...it's true.

    2. I created a story.

    3. The mini course plan.

    1. Leadership dynamics of opticals. The "dictator-style" will not convey your story.

    2. Finding the focus [Exercise for Leadership]

    3. Identify the core values [Exercise for the Whole Team]

    4. Finding Your Optical Story Worksheet

    1. Now that you have a story, make sure everyone knows it.

    1. Knowing each team member's story will allow for the office to cater to their strengths.

    1. What will you master next?

    2. Before you go...

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