They had glasses made elsewhere that don't work.

Who get's blamed?

You do! The amount of unhappy patients in poor-fitting eyewear is at an all time high! And online sales are not helping the issue. Patients are experiencing unwanted prism, and you need to know how to help. In this mini course we will cover the basics of prism, then dive into how to identify unwanted prism and the best course of action for helping your patients.

Course curriculum

    1. The Basics

    2. Lens Experiment

    3. Understanding Base Direction

    1. Relieving Prism

    2. Compounding & Cancelling

    1. Poor Fitting Lenses

    2. What Your Patient is Seeing

    3. Measuring Unwanted Prism

    4. Example: Hannah's Experience

    1. What are you gonna do about it?

    1. Before you go...

    2. Check this out...

About this course

  • 15 lessons