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Our optical industry is exceptionally dynamic. It is more than just healthcare. It is craftsmanship, fashion, sales, design, precision engineering, technology, ingenuity, art, medical billing and more.

Spexy 101 Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Spexy 101 Course

  • 2

    Section 1

    • 6, 7, 8 & 9 (Office Manual, Job Duties, Office Flow & Patient Experience)

    • Does your office need an Office Manual? Feel free to use this template! Plus Practice Enhancers

    • 10 & 11 (Patient Demographic & Scheduling Patients)

    • 12, 13 & 14 (System Order Tracking, Phone Etiquette, Notify Patient of Orders)

  • 3

    Section 2

    • 16 (How to Read Written Prescriptions)

    • 17, 18 & 19 (Check-In CLs, Check-In SRx Quality, & Lists of Labs and Manu.)

    • Glasses Check-In Checklist

    • 20 & 21 (Protocol On Order Delays & Insurance Access)

    • 22 (Frame Repair and Modifications)

    • 23 (Inserting Lenses Into Frames)

    • 24 (Policy On Releasing Prescriptions)

    • 25 (Warranties vs. Redos)

    • 26 (Pretesting)

  • 4

    Section 3

    • 28 & 29 (Different Than Ever Before & Eye Anatomy)

    • 30 (4 Main Eye Conditions)

    • 31 & 32 (Bending Light & Explaining An Rx)

    • 33 & 34 (Frame Type and Frame & Lens Measurements)

    • 36 (Factors of Thicker Lenses)

    • 37 & 38 (The Right Frame & Choosing Materials)

    • 39 (AntiReflective Treatment)

    • 40 (Finishing Touches on Lenses)

    • 41 (Frame Ordering Terms)

    • 42 & 43 (Adjusting Frames)

    • 44 (SV and Traditional vs. Digital)

    • 45 (Progressives)

    • 46 & 47 (Lined MF Lenses & Task Specific Lenses)

  • 5

    Section 4

    • 50 (Check-In: Verifying Glasses Rx)

    • 50 ANSI Download

    • 52 (Fitting Measurements)

    • 52 Position of Wear Reference

    • 54, 55 & 56 (Effective Power, Vertex and Effective Power, & SRx vs. CLRx)

    • 57 & 58 (Ordering Lenses & VCP Dynamics)

    • 59 (Dispensing Glasses)

    • 60 (Fitting & Patient Satisfaction)

    • 61 (Instructing New Wearers)

    • 62 (Basics of Prism)

    • 63 (Transposing Rx)

    • 64 (Troubleshooting Glasses)

    • Troubleshooting Glasses Form

    • 65 (Troubleshooting Contacts)

    • 66 (Contact Lens Lessons)

    • New Contact Lens Wearer Guide

  • 6

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Office Manager in South Dakota

"As the owner/office manager of a practice experiencing a lot of growth recently, I have been looking for a good, approachable training program to get new employees started, as a refresher for myself, and as a starting point for further, more in-depth training. I came across SPEXY 101 and decided to purchase the course for myself. Oh. My. Word. This program is exactly what I have been looking for! Kayla's videos are easy to watch, she is so approachable and teaches the basics that new staff need to get started. This is going to be a great training tool for our office!"

"I wish we would have had a course like this during optometry school!"

Doctor in Idaho

This is a fantastic course for getting team members that are new to the optical world up to speed quickly, and in a fun & engaging way that they're not going to get bored or dread doing. I wish we would have had a course like this during optometry school!

"Kayla is the new generation of speakers we have been looking for new with a fresh perspective."

Executive Director of the Opticians Association of Washington

Kayla and Rook are amazing! They provide new and innovative ideas to practices for success. I highly recommend you contact them today. You have tried the rest now try the best. Kayla is the new generation of speakers we have been looking for new with a fresh perspective . As Executive Director of the Opticians Association of Washington she knocked them dead at our spring convention. Cant wait to get her back book her now or she will not have room on her calendar soon.

"Managing the optical portion of my practice is way outside my comfort zone..."

Doctor in Tennessee

"Kayla's assessments are for real improving my life. Managing the optical portion of my practice is way outside my comfort zone, so having a pro that knows my practice, my inventory and my trends is a huge help in making buying decisions. Thanks Kayla!!

"I am absolutely a better optician/manager now than before I started SPEXY."

Optical Manager in Bown Crossing

If I could give SPEXY and Kayla a million stars, I would. Being in optical for 6 years thus far, I have learned so much with the SPEXY videos, and I'm eager to learn more. I can't believe all of the things that I didn't know, or didn't think about! Kayla is an absolute genius. End of story. Not only will SPEXY help new opticians, it (obviously) helps seasoned opticians, and even a course to help combat insurance companies and their reimbursements (The Monster Course). Oh, oh, did I mention that SPEXY will also help you with your social media presence with Socially SPEXY? Kayla seriously thought of it all. Kayla is easy to listen to, fun to watch and hilarious. The workbook has an awesome feel to it (leave me alone, I'm weird, I'm a texture person). I am absolutely a better optician/manager now than before I started SPEXY.