Are you committed to your success?

Enrollees have shown better completion rates and a higher level of understanding of their optical foundation when they complete Spexy 101 with their own Optical Workbook.

You will need an Optical Workbook for 

EACH team member.

If you are outside of the U.S. see the Shipping Q & A below.

Order "The Optical Workbook" Here

These prices include priority shipping within the US

Shipping Q&A

Q: How long does shipping take?

  • All US orders are shipped Priority USPS and arrive in 2 to 3 business days. Orders placed on working days by 2pm MST will be sent to the post office on that day.

Q: I am NOT in the United States. How do I get workbooks?

  • An order of 5 or more optical workbooks must be placed, in order to have shipping included. 
  • The shipping timeline and arrival dates cannot be guaranteed with iternational shipping.
  • If an office outside of the U.S. chooses to order less than 5 optical workbooks, an invoice for international shipping will be sent to the office via email for approximately $40 - $65. Once the shipping invoice is paid via the email link, the workbook order will be sent.

Q: Can I just get a digital copy sent to me?

  • No can do!!!! Sorry folks this is one of those things where a few bad apples ruined it for everyone. Because some have not honored copyright in the past The Optical Workbook will only be available in hardcopy.

Q: I thought workbooks were included, but now they have to be purchased separately?

  • That is correct. But this is waaaay better! Rather than only having the Spexy 101 course available at a very high cost, we decided to INCLUDE the course in the low cost monthly membership! Yay!
  • To do this we only had to make all workbooks available to be ordered "as needed" for our members. (Simple solution that saves our members a ton!)