Want each of them to have their own login?

Now they can.

The Add-On feature allows you to create unique logins for additional team members. Choose the option that works best for your team and let them start learning!

Importance of Add-Ons

  • Accelerate Efficiency

    A unique login from the rest of the team allows you to easily pick up where you left off in your learning and see your individual progress through the courses.

  • Learn & Share Ideas

    Each Add-On will have individual access to the Spexy Member Community, launching mid-March. Think of it as an optometric inspired community that is learning focused and much classier than any Facebook group.

  • Add or Cancel Whenever

    Add or Cancel the monthly Add-On user access as often or frequently as needed without disruption to the Primary Membership.

You Choose

Up to 3 Additional Logins for Your Team

Up to 6 Additional Logins for Your Team

Up to 9 Additional Logins for Your Team

Get started now!

$5/month for up to 3 additional team members

Add-On Access & Requirements

  • The Primary Membership must be active and current for Add-On access to be valid.

  • Add-On access can be started at any time by creating a new account and utilizing the coupon code.

  • Add-On access can be canceled at any time. Once cancelled, the user will be unable to access after the paid-thru date.

  • Add-On access is billed monthly.

  • Each Add-On user must be employed at the location of the Primary Membership

Have a question?

Send us an email ProTip@beSpexy.com or check out the common inquiries below.


  • Help! I can't find my coupon code!

    Creating the coupon code for your office is a manual process on our end. Though we pride ourselves in getting you the code within an hour of purchase, sometimes it takes a bit longer. If you would like to check in on the status of your code, just send an email to ProTip@beSpexy.com and we can reply with your the ETA of your Coupon Code.

  • We just got rid of an employee and don't know the login to cancel their access.

    Not to worry! Send us an email and we will cancel it for you. ProTip@beSpexy.com

  • Is there a way for me to see the progress of each Add-On from my Primary Membership?

    No, not from the Primary Membership. The only way to view the progress is to login to each Add-On account. You can always ask your entire team to have the same password if you are wanting to access it with ease.