Team Access makes all the difference!

The Team Access feature allows you to create unique logins for each of your team members. Your Team Access Leadership Portal also allows for tracking and monitoring of your team's progress.

Importance of Team Access

  • Accelerate Efficiency

    A unique login from the rest of the team allows each team member to easily pick up where they left off in their learning and see thier individual progress through the courses.

  • Expectation & Follow Through

    Leadership can assign courses while tracking and monitoring the progress of each team member. This leads to better in-office communication and implementation of the new concepts.

  • Add or Cancel Whenever

    Leadership can add or remove team members as often or as frequently as needed without disruption to the Primary Membership.

3 Users

Manage up to 3 team members

6 Users

Manage up to 6 team members

9 Users

Manage up to 9 team members

12 Users

Manage up to 12 team members

15 users

Manage up to 15 team members

18 users

Manage up to 18 team members

21 users

Manage up to 21 team members

24 users

Manage up to 24 team members

27 users

Manage up to 27 team members

Need 30 or more?

The options for Large Teams

Each team member gets their own access.

This allows them to have full access to the library of courses, allows them to pick up right where they left off in their learning, and print off and display their course certificates.

Team Access Requirements

  • The Primary Membership must be active and current for Team Access to be valid.

  • New Users can be added to your Team Access at any time by logging into your Leadership Portal.

  • User access can be removed at any time by logging into your Team Access Leadership Portal.

  • Team access can be billed monthly or annually for a 10% discount.


  • We just got rid of an employee and don't know the login to cancel their access.

    Not to worry! You can remove team members by logging into your Leadership portal in Team Access by visiting

  • Is there a way for me to see the progress of each of my team members?

    Yes, this can be done by logging into your Leadership portal in Team Access by visiting

  • Where do I learn how to navigate the Team Access portal?

    You will find an instruction video in your course listing after you purchase Team Access. Kayla will walk you through the best way to track your team's progress.

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