Ever have Booking-Regret?

Oh it's a thing! You book a speaker and 15 minutes into the presentation you feel it...

  • Personality of a Pancake

    No matter how great the content is, if spoken from the "Clear Eyes Guy" your turnout next year is going to suffer... this is when you change the 2 drink max to an open bar!

  • MS-DOS Master

    This is the speaker who must be using the first slideshow ever created and has a paragraph of text on each of those slides. Even with the most amazing presentation that has stood the test of time, today's learners need media!

  • The Technical Tyrant

    Who doesn't love nerds!?! (We absolutely do!) but the delivery of technical trainings without real-world execution will leave your attendees with a thumbs-down.

SPEXY Speakers are none of those things.

Whether you are needing a CE Speaker or just looking to light the fire of your followers, SPEXY has two speakers that can help! Our Speakers are ...

  • both CE approved speakers with the most lively, and down-to-earth personalities in eyecare.

  • are equipped with years of in-office experience to not just teach, but guide your audience to implement what they learn into their own opticals.

  • backed by one of eyecare's most forward-thinking tech savvy companies...seriously, this is SPEXY we are talking about!

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Wanna learn more about our SPEXY speakers?

Better be ready, they're a good time!

Kayla has been "wow"ing the optical industry since 2008, and Rook, well he's been practicing since 2000, but both of their stories go so much deeper ...

"...so relatable and to the point..."

Kayla keeps it real.

Learn more about Kayla and how her history plays such a vital part of how she educates the optical world.

"...his unique perspective is refreshing..."

Dr. Rook's background offers an unmatched perspective.

A doctor of WHAT? Well how in the world is he making such big changes in the optometric field?!?!