Below are a list of CE talks

that you are going to LOVE!

Becoming a Better Landlord

Optimizing Your Optical with the Data You've Got

1 Hour ABO & COPE Approved

So many opticals have data, but have no idea what to do with it! In this course you will learn how to: Have the ability to quantify the performance of frame sales. Develop the knowledge to foresee and adapt to your optical’s unique sales trends. Figure out the importance of analytics in your optical decisions. And formulate a plan for your frame investment. Simply put, your practice will understand how to dramatically rethink your optical!

The Revolving Door of New Hires

You try and try. Then once again, you are short-staffed. Let’s change that narrative.

1 Hour ABO, NCLE & COPE Approved

“People just don’t want to work.” | “There’re no quality candidates.” | “No one is looking.”

Honestly though, how are you supposed to get to know a person in a few short interviews with lame questions about their history and asking about their favorite color to ‘keep the interview fresh’?!? (Insert eye-roll here.) We can keep complaining about the hiring process, or we can adapt it. In this course Kayla will walk you through a new process of interviewing and hiring an optometric staff, show you how to build a framework to attract quality employees, and build a platform of accountability for your entire team. WARNING: You will be expected to work. To be successful with this course, you will need to change the way you have been working your optical.     

All About That Base

Understanding Prism, Even When It’s Unwanted

1 Hour ABO (Please give 60 days notice if you are desiring this course)

The amount of unhappy patients in poor-fitting eyewear is at an all time high! And online sales are not helping the issue. Patients are experiencing unwanted prism, and you need to know how to help. In this interactive training we will cover the basics of prism, then dive into how to identify unwanted prism and the best course of action for helping your patients.

Tell Me Your Story

If You Don't Know It, You Can't Expect Your Patients To

1 Hour ABO & NCLE (Please give 60 days notice if you are desiring this course)

Stories create connections. We get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget why we are even doing this. If you can create a connection with your patient, they will never leave. This course will help you to find your story. We will work together to break down the vital concepts of creating good connections and give you the direction to be able to tell your story in an exciting way. And finally, what drives good connections home, is aligning everything you do with your story. Tell a story your patients will gravitate toward.

Overcoming Mediocre Madness!

Get your optical out of the mediocre rut by dialing in your business skills.

1 Hour ABO, NCLE & COPE Approved

A course almost too real to be approved for CE.

No joke, Kayla holds back nothing in this talk! She strolls right by the emotions, the gentle professionalism, and the egg-shell tip-toe business and says the things our independent opticals NEED TO HEAR. Starting with the fact that the education of most in the room is on the expertise of eyes...not of running a business! If you are ready to make some real changes to your optical’s day to day production, you will want to hear this talk.

Rise Up Champion

Fighting to Keep Your Patients in our Online World

1 Hour ABO, NCLE & COPE (Please give 60 days notice if you are desiring this course)

Online markets have created a dooms-day cloud in the minds of independent opticals. This lecture will address the fear head on. We have created a course that covers the dramatic shift in the landscape of optics. Dive into what has changed in the consumer mindset and breakdown the online appeal. Understand the reality of where opticals have failed and teach you how to make yourself relevant to your patients online…and guess what, it is NOT by hiring a company to do your social media for you!


Don't Let Them Bleed You Dry

1 Hour ABO Approved

Warranties are a pain in the neck and the topic creates a great divide in our industry as far as the different ways opticals use warranties. We will review similarities in successful warranty policies along with the warranty habits that will deteriorate the success of an optical. We will construct clear rules and habits for setting warranty guidelines. In the end, you will be confident in honoring warranties the RIGHT way!