1.  GROWING UP - I'm an Idaho girl, who grew up on a small 5-acre ranch.

2. GOT INTO OPTICAL - Because my mom faxed my resumé to an optical in 2006.

3. DRINK OF CHOICE - Whiskey with a splash of coke & orange twist.

4. FELT LIKE "I MADE IT" - When industry luminaries started asking to partner with what SPEXY is doing!

5. VACAY WORTH REPEATING - My beautiful trip to Turks and Caicos with the snorkeling!

6. MY PURPOSE - Transform the lives of independent optical professionals.

7. OUR FAMILY - We have 4 kiddos. 2 have been mine since their birth, but 4 have my heart!

In 2006 Kayla stepped into optical and has sought out ways enhance the magic of our industry ever since. Finding a passion for optics as an optician, she began incorporating her business and marketing education into her love of optics. Developing as business consultant for multiple opticals, she created a unique tool for maximizing the profitability of frame boards. She was asked to work for a lens distributor and used her skills as a speaker to solidify partnerships with the independent opticals they serviced. 
The next step needed to be something BIG! 

She & Rook joined forces and created Spexy. Sharing the belief that the independent can do more, if they just had access to it. Since founding Spexy Kayla has:

  • Trademarked Spexy & her frame board technology.
  • Created the Spexy app.
  • Become an international optometric speaker. 
  • Created an online portal for opticals to access education.
  • Most importantly, she has empowered independent opticals to think about our eye-world differently.

Kayla lives in her home state of Idaho, where she and Rook have built a beautiful home for their family in downtown Boise. There, they are surrounded by fantastic friends that have helped them to grow and loads of family that keep them busy and have supported their adventures from the beginning.