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Understanding Prism

Your team can go their whole career without fully understanding prism

...but think of what problems they could avoid if they had a good general understanding. In this course, Kayla breaks down wanted and unwanted prism and methods how to re-capture those patients that you are losing to online.

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Course curriculum

    1. Into to the Prism Mini-Course

    2. Online Glasses Regret

    3. What Does Prism Do?

    4. All About That Base

    5. Wanted Prism

    6. Unwanted Prism

    7. Real World Example

    8. Turn Regrets Into Part of the Solution

    1. ...your trainer, Kayla!

    2. ...what SPEXY has to offer independent opticals.

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Save 50% with code: COVIDsucks

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When We Join Forces


SPEXY is a company that has challenged how optical professionals gather information by creating platforms and producing trainings that have proven successful for many optical businesses all around the world. This dedicated mini-class has been created, to give you a peek into how SPEXY can help your independent optical.
The Opticians Association of Canada and SPEXY