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Talk Nerdy to Me Mornings was created for optical professionals with questions. Questions that are so good, that they must be shared, 'cause you were probably wondering the same thing. We are here for you, because just like you...we know this optical world can be tough.

SPEXY will never claim to know it all, but what we do know is that our team of specialists can help a lot of opticals! We have put together a killer team of opticians, optometric billing specialists, eyecare consultants, practice managers, optical sales reps, marketing geniuses, CE educators, tech geeks, and even a top level international optometric speaker…together, they are the ProTip Team at SPEXY.

For those who want to be better!

Have an optical question? Need some quick advice? We can help! Those who think they already know it all, won't go very far. There is always more to learn, and if your are not learning, you are dying!
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At SPEXY We Believe In...

  • ...the potential of collaborating with those who give a damn

    More than a forum full of "know it alls" our team is passionate about our industry and is always searching for new ways we can help independent opticals.

  • ...the power of the independent

    We are the only medical profession with half of our success relying on retail sales. No other medical profession has the retail dynamic like us. As SPEXY we help opticals capitalize on their uniqueness.

  • ...the strength of face-to-face connections

    Listen, you might feel like you are losing to online sales. But you have what online doesn't...the human connection. We teach teams to make the most of your connection.

If you want what you have always had, then keep doing what you have always done.

Here you are surrounded by those who challenge the way it's always been done.

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