SPEXY Remote Guidance

Brave & Boldly Equipped in 60 days!

Here we will detail for you the 4 Parts of SPEXY Remote Guidance membership.
I'm ready! Sign me up!

Here's what you get!

And here's how it works!

PART 1: Instantly you get...

(Isn't it lame when you make a purchase then have to wait to use it...ugh! Not at SPEXY, here we are all about instant gratification!)

  • SPEXY 101: You get a coupon code for 60 days of access to SPEXY 101. You will want to start training right away. The educational foundation offered by this course ensures each team member is ready for the high-level changes that SPEXY Remote Guidance recommends.

  • Phone Call / Video Call: You are immediately contacted by the SPEXY team to set up your call with one of our leadership advisors. Please reserve up to 1 hour for this meeting. In this call we will develop an understanding of the practice and its dynamics along with the areas you would like to focus.

PART 2: After our call...

Now is when we dive into the the deep end. This is also the hardest we will make you work. We promise!

  • Discovery Questionnaire: The Discovery Questionnaire is sent to you, and is returned completed within 2 weeks. This extensive questionnaire will give us the necessary data for your Practice Assessment. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned to SPEXY, allow up to 6 weeks to receive your completed assessment.

  • Once received, your Questionnaire is entered into the queue for the creation of your Practice Assessment. The design and creation of your Assessment typically takes 4 weeks.

PART 3: The arrival...

It's like having a magazine published all about you! This kind of perfection takes time.

  • A hardcopy of your Practice Assessment is delivered to your optical. Consisting of over 30 pages...all about YOU!

  • Your Practice Assessment is nothing like you have ever seen before–and created in SPEXY style. Built off the data you provide, it focuses on your opportunities, makes comparisons to the performances of like-sized offices, identifies problem areas, offers recommendations and proven methods to implement them, and quantifies the opportunities of your changes.

PART 4: Ready to run...

"Run like the wind Bullseye!" We won't let you go at it alone, we're friends...remember? We will set you up for success!

  • Phone Call / Video Call: You are scheduled to review your Practice Assessment with your SPEXY friend. In this 1-hour conversation you can have questions answered and discuss the strategies that were laid out in your Practice Assessment.

  • SPEXY University Enrollment: You will then be given 6 months of SPEXY University enrollment for FREE! This monthly subscription course offers small doses of strategic, ongoing training designed to change the mindset of your entire team each month.

  • FrameTurn®: You are also given access to the amazing FrameTurn® platform for 6 months at no additional charge! This platform assesses and gives guidance directly to your optical’s frame inventory. It helps you to listen to the story your optical is trying to tell you. Allowing for you to optimize your frame investment, increase profits, and "sell what sells."

Pricing for SPEXY Remote Guidance

You are only 60 days away from brave changes and being equipped with the tools to make them stick. If you need to split up the payment, your first month will include up to your first call, and the assessment will process after the second month's payment.

Already a SPEXY Member?

Well then you already know...we take care of our own.

If you are already a SPEXY Member enrolled in any of the above services, let us know and we will make a pricing adjustment accordingly for your Remote Guidance program. Email us, ProTip@beSPEXY.com