You are not the only one

that the monster is attacking

  • Running On Empty

    "The contractual amounts leave us with so little, and now [The Monster] is attacking what little we have left and targeting my patients."

  • They said WHAT!?!

    "[The Monster] asked to put my patient on the phone. They told my patient that they could go online to their site and save money. While they were in my office! I couldn't believe it!"

  • I Feel Stuck

    "This is such a slap in the face! I want to do something about it, but I have no idea where to start! I hate [The Monster] so much!"

The Help You've Wanted

Take a look at what each of these lessons will mean for your optical

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Lesson 1- We've Created a Monster. Uncover the reality of the situation. 

Lesson 2- Making the most of your In-Network Status.

Lesson 3- Reflect on Your Profitability.

Lesson 4- What if you escape?

Lesson 5- We've Created Independence.

No Need to Fear

You are looking at the price of freedom. Can you imagine what that will feel like?

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    was $240 (on sale as we work on the 2021 course: Divorcing the Monster)

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You Can Take Control

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