You are not the only one

that the monster is attacking

  • Running On Empty

    "The contractual amounts leave us with so little, and now [The Monster] is attacking what little we have left and targeting my patients."

  • They said WHAT!?!

    "[The Monster] asked to put my patient on the phone. They told my patient that they could go online to their site and save money. While they were in my office! I couldn't believe it!"

  • I Feel Stuck

    "This is such a slap in the face! I want to do something about it, but I have no idea where to start! I hate [The Monster] so much!"

Course curriculum

    1. Course Intro "How did we get here?"

    2. Welcome to the Course

    1. Lesson 2 Intro

    2. Lesson 2 Exams- Maximize on each one

    3. Lesson 2 Exam Practice Enhancer

    4. Lesson 2 Frames **EYE OPENER**

    5. Lesson 2 Lenses- Break it all down

    6. Lesson 2 Lenses Practice Enhancer

    7. Lesson 2 Contact Lenses

    1. Lesson 3 Profitability

    2. Lesson 3 & 4 Practice Enhancer

    1. Lesson 4 Escaping

    2. Anagram (Previously known as Patch) Preview

    3. Anagram Partnership

    1. Lesson 5 Independence

    2. Lesson 5 Practice Enhancer Forms & Scripts

    3. Open Access Marketing Materials

    4. Keep an eye out for "Divorcing the Monster"

About this course

  • 18 lessons

You Can Take Control of Your Optical Practice

The time to do it is now because the resource to do it is...