True Guidance

Yes, of course you can pull data from your system. But let's be real, having data without a plan is, well...useless.

Retail Science

Imagine having a proven method to increase your frame sales. This tool allows for you to receive proven guidance based upon your unique sales data in your optical.

Simple Coaching

Syncs with the Spexy App for continued coaching for your team.

So you love it & want to continue?

FrameTurn is included in your Spexy+ Premium Membership for $97 . No Contracts Ever.

FrameTurn is a powerful profit generator for your optical, and so much more...

  • A tool for your optical team to make decisions based on sales data, trends and metrics.

  • Removes emotion from buying decisions.

  • Saves substantial time and energy for your optical team.

  • Simplifies the buying process and helps reps better serve the practice.

  • Exposes voids and weak points your frame inventory.

  • Guidance toward the most profitable frame lines based upon your unique sales data.

  • A tool to help the team implement small changes for massive profitability.

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