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Master the art of optometric billing

and ensure you are making every dollar possible!

Medical coding efficiency, squeezing every dollar from vision plans, access to coding cheat-sheets, reconciling EOBs, collecting balances from patients... we cover it ALL in this course!

There has NEVER been this much billing education in one spot!

Plus, a training this informative and entertaining can only happen with SPEXY.

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Billing Mastery Course

Chapters and Lessons

  • 2

    Insurance Foundations

    • Translating the Insurance Language

    • Effectively Credential Your Doctors

    • Setting Proper Fees for Your Office

    • Navigating Medical Plans & Vision Plans

  • 3

    Routine Exam Codes to Get Paid

    • Understanding Codes: 92XXX Codes, S Codes, E/M Codes

    • Coding

    • Coordination of Benefits

    • Eye Health Management

  • 4

    Medical Exam Codes to Get Paid

    • Modifiers

    • Red Eyes, Corneal Abrasions, Foreign Body, Bandage Contact, Amniotic Tissue

    • Cataract Surgery: Co-managed Care, Post-Op Refraction & Post-Op Glasses Billing

    • Special Testing & Fundus Photos

    • Dry Eye & Punctal Plugs

    • Vision Therapy & Telehealth

  • 5

    Best Practices Before & During the Exam

    • Scheduling

    • Chart Prep & Verifying Coverage

    • Checking In the Patient

    • Exam Communication & Coding

    • Using a Superbill/Route Slip to Streamline

    • Check Out: Determining Amounts Owed, Collecting, & Waiving Copays

    • Training the Team to Translating the Insurance Process to Patients

  • 6

    Best Practices After the Visit

    • Claim Filing: Different Ways to File & Referring Provider

    • Payment Reconciliation: Write-offs & Charge-backs

    • Monitoring Your AR & Gettin' Paid $$$

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Meet your course instructor

she might just be the ONLY person who can make billing super cool!

ProTip Team Administrator

Melissa B

Melissa is an expert in optometric billing and practice management. Her work with SPEXY began in 2020. She has been a Director of Billing and HR for independent opticals since 2012 and has spent almost a decade in nearly every position in an independent optical. And now, lucky for you, she has opened her skill-set to teach opticals how to capture every dollar in their practices!

What are you waiting for?

Early enrollment will save you $100! Use code EARLYORDER by August 9th. The course will go LIVE August 10th!

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