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Posts to make your optical SHINE

Creating posts that are authentic to your optical is what makes ALL the difference!

Auto-posting services seem like a great idea, because no one has extra time to create, design, caption and post content! The problem, auto-posting doesn't create engagement because the posts are not authentic to your practice.

A better solution: Socially Spexy!

Get more referrals!

Stop wasting time.

As a Socially Spexy member you get access to monthly posting schedules, with detailed instructions, built-in captions, props and more! Socially Spexy is a service that provides guidance and coaching with the purpose of getting your optical practice talked about online! We make it so EASY!
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Get more referrals using your social media!

What all do I get?

As a member of Socially Spexy, every month you will have access to new and relevant content...

  • A MONTHLY POSTING SCHEDULE so you never worry about what to post ever again!

  • FUN SIGNS & PROPS to be able to easily celebrate your patient and your optical team throughout your posts.

  • MONTHLY RAFFLES & ENGAGEMENT PROMOTION IDEAS specifically designed to show your optical's awesome-ness to your perspective patients!

  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS to relieve the "time-consuming" part from posting. Making your posts as quick, seamless, and entertaining as possible so you can get back to work!

Even if you are allergic to technology,

we have made this entire membership SUPER simple!

Three Truths

To have an active group of mass followers that are effectively talking about YOU!

That is our goal.

Start getting Referrals

for less than $24 a month

Seems too good to be true, but we have made it a no brainer! Choose between an Annual Rate or a Monthly Rate. You decide what is best for you and your optical!

Still not convinced?

Let's have some REAL TALK

  • No time to manage social media

    EXACTLY! This is why we created Socially Spexy. We are here to help you live your purpose, find your patients, and grow your practice, not waste time on pointless busy-work.

  • I hire out to manage my social media

    they do all of the posting for me. “How’s that working out for you?” How many active followers do you have liking your posts and engaging with you online? Probably not many. The reason why, is because when someone else is posting for you… IT’S NOT YOU!

  • I don't even have any followers

    so what is the point? This is true, without an audience you can’t deliver a message. We have brilliant strategies to help you turn your patients into followers right away!

It's not you, it's me

If our Spexy-ness is not matching up, it's okay!

Are you on the fence? Skeptical because you have been locked into deals before? We will work really hard to make you love us! We want to give you every opportunity to try us out without a promise. JUST LIKE WE'RE DATING!

NEWSFLASH: There is No Straight Line to Success

The road there is super curvy!

We will tell you from experience, the journey is much more enjoyable with a crew of experienced road trippers joining you for the ride.

Don't worry, we got you!

Here's what comes with your membership...
I don't know how often I should post! 

We have a schedule we give you every month to guide you.

What do I post about? What do I write?

You get content ideas, complete with captions and photos for you to mimic.

It's not like I have a marketing department to make materials for my office!

Correct, you don't, but SPEXY do! We created loads of marketing tools for you to use in your office right away.

I don't have time to read 'how-to' articles.

Time is money! We deliver your information in a format that allows you to hit the ground running, complete with short instructional videos and visual guides.

SPEXY Family of Services

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Wish you had a good foundation?

Spexy 101 Course

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