The truth is, any position in the office can lose a sale.

This course is about equipping each team member with the tools and habits to keep and close sales in your office.

From phone etiquette to handling patient objections like, "I'd just like my prescription. I'm ordering online." This course reviews methods to maximize the opportunity on every single patient that enters our offices...and even reviews trusted methods to capture new patients.

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Amplified Optical Course Curriculum

    1. Earn your Certificate!

    2. Why this course is important

    3. How to watch & tools for success and tricks to retaining information as an adult.

    1. Perception

    2. Inquiries & Objections

    3. Understanding the Right & Wrong Words to Say

    1. Intro and Downloads

    2. Front Desk

    3. Pretesting / Tech

    4. Optometrists

    5. Opticians

    1. All Roles Prep and Downloads

    2. Front Desk

    3. Pretesting / Tech

    4. Optometrists

    5. Opticians

    1. New kind of Referrals

    2. Reviews - How to get great ones!

    3. For Leadership - Pt. Reviews and Incentives for Change

    4. Monitor Your Walkouts

    5. How are you portraying your optical?

    6. Best Practices in Patient Recall

    7. Interview with Anagram

    1. We are here for you

    2. What's next? Check this out...

About this course

  • 25 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Included in your Membership

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Making a Real Difference in Your Optical

  • Include Everyone

    Everyone on your team can ruin a sale just as easily as they can be that person that makes a sale happen. This is why we will include trainings for each and every position in your optical.

  • Power of a Reply

    Communication is key, everyone knows that. When you can profile what your patient is saying then give a response that answers and controls the conversation, you will uncover that patient’s need.

  • Reach the Community

    In the optical world, independents are not typically great at self-promotion. But not to worry ... we are going to change that!

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